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Dec. 20, 2:00 PM-5:00 PM

The threat of a depressed student, disgruntled employee, or Islamic terrorist is REAL. This course teaches the police officer or armed citizen the tactics needed to end the violence quickly and efficiently. This course has a healthy dose of Force-on-Force training to intensify the lessons taught. Other related topics are covered as well.

In the past these have been our home grown psychopaths and sociopaths but there are other dangers. Many people have seen scenes from the "al-Qaeda Training Tapes" but the horrors of what they are planning on doing in America are far worse than the clips of the evening news. Whether you are a Law Enforcement Officer or a legally armed citizen you should be aware of the threat of foreign and domestic terrorist tactics. This two day course will teach you the methods for dealing with an Active Shooter quickly and efficiently. Make no mistake, this class is about hearing gunfire and running toward it and is not for everyone.